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Skeleton tree tattoo on side body

I love skeleton keys! Thought about a lock and key tattoo for a while but never found one I loved, but this is nice (:

tree of life - symbol of hope

My last name is Oliveira, wich means “olive tree”. So, I decided to make this to show how important my family is to me. The hearts represent my grandfather and grandmother, and I choose to do it on my Achilles tendon, because, as I always say, my family is my weakness. My tattooer is Marco Teixeira from Curitiba/Brazil.

Would be kind of cool to have on my a way to see inside. Butterflies in my stomach, Lamar in my heart, and other cute little things I could think up.

:: Charcoal and Bone VIII by ~napoleoman. napoleoman.devian... ::

Already have the tree of life ( very similar to this, on my side from my hip to my rib cage), I added Galiec words throughout the bark tho to symbolize the most important things in life to me such as love, loyalty, strength, etc.

the smallest tattoo ever - Buscar con Google

Done about two weeks ago. I got this particular tree on my right side; its symbolic of the relationship I have with my mother. We get tangled and shit, but I always want to remember that we’ve helped each other grow and support each other. Happy Mother’s Day, Ma.

This is my first tattoo. Trees represent a lot of things that I love. Like family, their strength, and beauty. Done with Ed at the Tat2 studio (in Sao Paulo - Brazil).