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Leg tattoo for fashion girls.Design tattoo for girls #tattoo #leg #girls www.loveitsomuch.com

I can never find a pretty fish tattoo, but this is beautiful! Love the orange one!

Tattoo Ideas

leg tattoo

Metal Mulisha drawing... Thigh tattoo!

flower tattoo | Tumblr

Fit legs! FIT!

Want a leg tattoo

Thigh tattoo

I love flower tattoos. And leg tattoos. So I love this tattoo. :P

Beautiful thigh tattoo!

#ink #color #design // beautiful tattoo! I love the green under the orange on the tree leaves, and the shape and placement fits perfectly on her body.

Leg tattoo, flower tattoo

kinda likin the leg tatttt

Thigh Tattoo

I want to get a light house on my shin on my right leg... full color though :)


I love a good thigh tattoo + bath photo!