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The magic of sacred dance and meditation explained!

These two CDs are designed to musically illustrate "Harmonic Secrets of Arabic Music Scales: Fine Tuning the Maqams". They contain 63 tracks. Some are recordings of indigenous Egyptian, Iraqi and Jordanian musicians and some are the author's compositions designed to illustrate how Westerners can perform and compose with oriental music.

Want to learn the basics of Arabic quarter-tone music? Here's the book with 2 CDs for you!

World music at its best: Egyptian, Greek, Iraqi, Lebanese... more. Featuring the voice of Kristina Sophia and the musicianship of Cameron Powers. The Iraqi song on this album was performed on the streets of Baghdad during one of Cameron and Kristina's Musical Missions of Peace.

Meditation and movement music from the exotic modes and moods of the Oriental Middle East.

Sacred Mediation Movement Massage Soulscapes/Soundscapes composed in perfect harmonies of ancient music scales from Egypt.

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