If any of my friends drank diet Coke I would do this in a heartbeat. So long as they weren't on my carpet.



The best prank ever!!!

LOL, Fake alcohol and wasted...Top 63 most Funniest Quotes and Humor Pics | Living Cool

If you dip cotton balls in water, they'll stick to anything on a cold night!

every night!


this would be so cruel but hysterical

It's happening.

The true way to get rid of people.

Pin to read later.... Do at least ten


I HAVE to do this before I die!! REPIN this pin if you agree.... this is AWESOME!

Hahahaha this is awesome

April 1 is coming, a list of thirty harmless pranks


I don't know why but I find that the "eat a zebra or whatever" part is the funniest part x)

genius. Totally doing it to someone.

It would absolutely be pointless!

laughed out loud.