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If there is any suspected SIRS (Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) or Sepsis, the following lab tests should be collected ASAP: ABG CBC, Complete Metabolic Blood Panel (CMP), Coagluation studies Chest xray, Cardiac enzymes Cultures of bowel, urine, sputum, or any other fluids Lactate levels Urine analysis EKG

David Woodruff ( 6 Easy Steps to ABG Analysis - YouTube. *MED-SURG STUDENTS, start here with ABG tutorials.*

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10 more great iPhone apps for nurses

Apps for nurses

Do not forget your alphabet when it comes to pulmonary edema. --- Visit for your daily dose of nursing education! --- #nclex #nursing #nclextips #nclex_tips #nurse #nursingschool #nursing_school #nursingstudent #nursing_student

I can't even believe how many times this little ditty went through my head when I was looking at blood gas results! Never failed me.