a cool Monday morning...I feel like more of these outfit posts should include socks, also I could do without the bow ring on this one.

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Evoking You|Fashion Inspiration Blog



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favorite thing in the world

Cozy Winter Look ♡ love the sweater!! That would also look good with a olive green beanie.... haha not that i have one or anything........

Love this whole outfit


Love the sweater!

Love the sweater!

Striped Cozy Knit Sweater available at #Maurices

i like that sweater.

Comfy. When you just wanna chill and still look cute:)


Love that sweater.

Evoking You|Fashion Inspiration Blog



This would be such a fun party/clubbing dress. Way-In One Shoulder Sequin Kimono Sleeve Dress (Juniors) $74 at Nordstroms.