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Love me some Eric Northman and True Blood

omg...alexander skarsgard..where the fuck have you been all my life~!

Runes-letters modified from Phoenician alphabet. Runic was often written without spaces between words & where 2 of the same letter sat beside each other only one would be used. It was written both from left to right & right to left. It was mainly used to label items with the owner's name & was considered magical as most people were illiterate & did not understand the concept of symbols representing sounds. This also led to their use in fortune telling.


10 Best Celeb Quotes This Week

God Bless America


matthew gray gubler on

Matthew Gray Gubler twitter - "my head photographed by John Michael Fulton for @theroguemag"

Viking Laws - TAKEN! by koprakardulas (SusaTiina), via Flickr