= my life. But it's actually the brain that's stupid. If more people would follow there heart this world would be a better place. Just sayin'

Heart vessel anatomy

Dr. Gunther von Hagens’ plasticized museum- China.org.cn A gold-plated cow heart clearly displays the structure of the blood vessels.

Colette Saint Yves


"My heart is a honey comb". Vintage inspired anatomical drawing with a twist by Andy van Dinh ༺♥༻

Temporary Tattoo designed by Jennifer Daniel.

Fay Helfer Clover Heart - Maybe I should do something like this, with flowers growing out of a heart?

Heart from 4 sides

I have often needed a clear reference of an anatomical heart.


Paper heart by Frank Tjepkema. So beautifully done.

A heart of glass...

American hand carved and painted heart-in-hand. Collection of Lester Breininger

Chad Awalt

Up , up and above?!

Ceramic anatomical heart

Text works by artist Lee Jung