Please help me Lord I've fallen & I can't get up!



Even dogs Pray at night.

❤ To beat the summer heat, he loves to jump into the pool ❤ #english #bulldog #englishbulldog #bulldogs #breed #dogs #pets #animals #dog #canine #pooch #bully #doggy #funny #fun #lol #pool

Cuteness overload!

I thank a dog everyday of my life. I also thank God for the fortune of loving and knowing what dogs are all about, which have helped me realized, they are all about love and loyalty and most of the time they know about those two things, better than some humans.


Adorable! Oh crap! I'm getting puppy fever again and I'm not even done potty training the last one.

Happy Dachshund!

Praying dog

★ Oh Dear

golden retriever #BelongAtBCC

Happy puppy :)

Oh my god! Ahhh! So cute. I want one or a million. Ahhhh! Lol

German Shorthaired Pointer puppy! Aww, I adopted mine when he was fully grown, it's cute to see what he may have looked like as a puppy

I imagine this is what my dog probably looked like when she was a little puppy.

This looks just like Molly as a puppy!: Bulldogs 3, Baby Bulldogs English, English Bulldogs Puppies, Bulldogs ️, English Bulldog Puppy, Bulldogs Pets, Animal, Bull Dogs

God Made Dogs Wood Decor $19.99

bulldog puppies are so precious.