Lavender Garden!


PommieLoves - Romantic, this is so simple. The most stunning chandelier you could make. Like fire flies burning in the night. Create romantic lighting for an outdoor dinner party by suspending votives (we used mini recycled-glass tea light lanterns) at varying heights from low-hanging branches. (Photo: Thomas J. Story)

Create the perfect relaxing spot at the lake house this summer!

Lovely outdoor space

Styling by Mikkel Kure. Photo by Martin Sølyst.

Both my grandma's had front porch swings-many great memories of just swinging & talking :) we didn't have cozy pillows or blankets though, love how this looks!

Gazebo Swing Bench White Outside Patio Garden Whitewashed Cottage Chippy Shabby chic French country Rustic Swedish Decor Idea by della


like a fairy tale

Decorative Water spouts - beautiful!

Country clothes line ....... gotta have it

Aaahhhhh.....a peaceful spot in the garden

lush and lovely

Omg!!! Loving the tree!!!

Charming little garden house

Shady garden! ! the colors are perfect!

Splendid isolation . . .