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    sensory words chart- the cafeteria describing words

    Building vocabulary: personality adjectives Good for students to keep in their binders.

    Encourage descriptive writing with alternatives for "said"

    Five senses with popcorn. Would be cool to do during snack time. Has the students learning when they dont even know it!

    Can, Have, Are Chart...use with anything you are learning about. Like the post-its on this one:)

    200-ways-to-say-went-infographic If I ever need to write a book :)

    Free List of Personality Adjectives: Place at stations and have students turn adjectives into verb phrases (e.g. loud = bangs pots and pans) Direct link to words:

    "How do I infer?" anchor chart

    Word Choice

    Fancy Nancy can be used to go along with a fancy words wall. Students hear and learn new words every day and having a place for them to bring them back to gets them looking for new words that enhance their vocabulary.

    Descriptive Writing: The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups Sensory descriptive word chart for kids to make

    Love this idea :) -- "The incredible shrinking notes" Students start out writing a summary of their reading on the large index card. They are then given a medium sized card and have to take the info from the large card and condense it. By the time students get to the small index card they're getting to the main point/idea of the reading selection.

    Life in First Grade: My Week in Review Sentences Anchor Chart

    Run-on Sentences--- would want a little simpler my kiddos

    Writing-closing sentence anchor chart- first grade

    This chart will be of great use for Common Core math when students come to story problems. Great key words!

    As far as creative word choice goes, bad is bad. Help your students find just the right way to say something isn't up to snuff.

    Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Thinking Map for coins. Could put in math notebook!!! Next page would be front/back of bills.