sensory words chart- the cafeteria describing words

200 Ways To Say WENT in English.

Building vocabulary: personality adjectives Good for students to keep in their binders.

Adjectives to add "color" to our writing... yep, still need this in high school

Where do readers read? Anchor Chart do with students first week! I've always done this in list form, but I love the web!

Writing more detailed sentences

complete incomplete sentence sorting

Stretch a sentence

All Students Can Shine: Ice Cream Craftivity and Smiley Sentences

Here's an idea for creating a board to help the teacher and students track their work.

Synonyms / Antonyms Anchor Chart

Students view different photo each day and make 5 observations, 5 inferences, and 5 predictions. LOVE this idea!!

Love this idea :) -- "The incredible shrinking notes" Students start out writing a summary of their reading on the large index card. They are then given a medium sized card and have to take the info from the large card and condense it. By the time students get to the small index card they're getting to the main point/idea of the reading selection.

Create and hang on your wall so students can self assess their work. No more "Is this done??" Click on the picture for more teaching ideas!

Building sentences during your morning meeting. Meet common core and get students moving!

bubble map anchor chart; like how "he" is included to help students to writing notes as sentences & a paragraph

Science Sentence Starters

Anchor Charts

Our New Word Is... We Can Draw It... Our Word Means...An idea for primary to bring academic and rich vocabulary home!

Writing "strong" sentences