A river sink

River sink

Some awesome ideas


This Rotating Sink Has a Cutting Board, Colander, and It Spins. Wait, What? » I am going to need this someday...

This is so neat.

36 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home

coolest pool I've ever seen

Paint and hang a bed spring frame for laundry - great idea! No more trying to fit everything just perfect on a small drying rack.

Motif Basin [Kaleidoscope Glass]

river goes underneath

In-home lazy river. Enough said.

Theater room



awesome staircase.

Sink! The surface glows red or blue to denote how hot or cold it is!

Dish storage in kitchen island. ooo...like this idea!! I LOVE the idea of keeping plates in a drawer... GENIUS and why did I never think of that!? :O

interesting storage - in the pantry/on the pantry doors?

Lazy river in the back yard! Yes please!