• Sherry Jackson

    Big Ang ~Mob Wives She must be taking male hormones and is sprouting balls. She looks like a drag queen

  • Monique Shaney'

    Big Ang ~Mob Wives- plastic surgery or sex!? I love her, but DAYUM!

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when does one stop... Before someone says, "scrape off my face, and do these come with their own orbit?".

With everyone having their own individual perception of beauty, who is to say 'how much is too much' when it comes to the subject of plastic surgery. Should limits be put on to what, or how much, surgery a person is allowed? Although some forms of surgery are socially acceptable, extreme surgery is often frown upon. Source: Pinterest

big Ang from mob wives

Joan Van Ark...what happened!! A good example of not growing old gracefully. So sad!!

That is just revolting - all those veins! i like big but really, they are too big there not breasts any more.

My favorite Big Ang quote of all time... just come meet me at the drunken monkey