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    Korean Airlines - Gianfranco Ferre

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    Korean Airlines flight attendants

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    Although passengers may be oblivious to the fact, Korean Air stewardesses have one of the most coveted accessories in aviation. Korean Air. Gianfranco Ferré’s Korean Air scarf is considered one of the most desirable airline uniform flourishes. Picture: Korean Air

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Virgin Atlantic has collaborated with bareMinerals to produce Upper Class Red, a lipstick that matches the uniform of Virgin Atlantic’s cabin crew.



From the movie Airport.

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....air stewardess!

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No one flirted with the air hostess... Lol



Thank You for Flying Continental Airlines. ~When most airlines reign ends because they weren't profitable, had a bad reputation among the traveling public or went bankrupt, this airline went out ON TOP! Continental Airlines was the Best of the Best! Unfortunately, they succumbed to greed and power by merging with United Airlines. Their only hope of survival is if the now combined airline operates under the original Continental Airlines business plan, otherwise, they're a sinking ship.

Continental Airlines old 'meatball' logo

Employed. Knew it.

From the movie Airport.

Stewardesses from American Airline will be trading in everything but their silver wings as chic fashions replace traditional uniforms for 3,000 girls next month. The girls will even have some leeway with their hemlines. The airline places the ceiling at three inches above the knee. - August 23, 1967.

My uniform < uniform back in the day

PSA flight attendants.

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