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Drift Creek Falls Oregon. Went here a while back had the entire trail to myself. #hiking #camping #outdoors #nature #travel #backpacking #adventure #marmot #outdoor #mountains #photography

8-Week Workout for Backpacking/Hiking

Get fitness prepared for Backpacking - HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training. I do this because I don’t have the time for long cardio sessions, and this gives great results for burning calories, strengthening your heart, lungs, legs and building stamina & endurance.

12 Hiking & Adventure Books Worth Reading

The must read list for every hiker, backpacker, paddler, and adventurer! Grab your Ugly Mug, make some coffee, and relax with a great book.

Work it Out: Eight Exercises for Stronger, More Stable Hiking

The more time you spend hiking and backpacking, the better prepared you'll be but you can also do these 8 workouts and exercises for hiking to build muscles

backpacker checklist

backpacker checklist

Having packs ready to go in case of a disaster evacuation. Here are a few of the basics. Pack you backpacking bags in advance and ready to go anytime you want. I might not take every single thing on this list, but it's a good list for people to consider.

This Is How People With Full-Time Jobs Can Travel The World

How To Backpack Around The World — Even With A Full-Time Job #refinery29