Sandra Bullock

Don't change. be who you are. society is really strong in their opinions so i made peace with the fact that the things I thought were weaknesses or flaws were JUST ME. Why are we forcing people to follow another person's happiness? what is about us that is a culture that tries to get rid of what we consider the runt? sometimes the runt turns out to be the best of the litter. *sandra bullock

Sandra Bullock

love this definition of love

Closing thought: Faith is the art of holding on to things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances | C.S. Lewis quotes | Keeping Faith

Life would be perfect if only...

hmmm, yes, this is fitting, seeing as though i have just signed myself up to run a half marathon and i am "not a runner."

so true.


Jennifer Aniston




Marylin Monroe

this is the best thing ever.

Joshua <3

Taylor Swift

Audrey Hepburn, give more

Amen, Betty White...