Have to constantly remind myself to get better not bitter!!! Everytime I think about certain things that happened in the past ( my own mistakes or what ppl have done to me) it just pisses me off!! But that fuels me to do better & get better!!

To get long, thick, super soft hair: massage organic coconut oil in your hair times a week (leave in mins) wash out with shampoo. Do this until hair is growing and healthy (no split-ends) and reduce to times a month. Works amazingly!!

don't belittle, condemn, or squash someone else to make yourself feel better...you just end up looking foolish.

Working on these area's for me, make me a better person! They help you to grow as a person!

My sudden job change is proof of this. Fired 1/14 hired 1/23 at a better job. God is good we just have to trust Him.

Unexpected Moments Community Blog: Words of Wisdom There will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers, and then there will be you, proving them wrong. - Over 75 motivational messages to help you become a stronger and wiser person

Have the maturity to know sometimes silence is more powerful than having the last word! I know it's hard but sometimes saying nothing is better!

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