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Planting Store Bought Ginger Root

Growing ginger


How to grow ginger in a patio container. Such a cool article. I'll never have to buy ginger at a store again.

how to grow ginger from store bought root

Grow your own ginger roots from store-bought produce with these simple tips.

Grow Your Own Ginger At Home!

How to Grow Your Own Ginger


The Rainforest Garden: Growing Ginger Roots from the Grocery Store

Grow ginger indoors from grocery store rhizomes.

Growing your own ginger is easy and provides an endless supply for your cooking. To grow your ginger plants, buy a couple small pieces of ginger root at the store. Look for fat pieces that have small nodes on them. At most, it should cost about $.50.

Growing Ginger in a Container. MyInspiredCreation is inspiring ;-) I like how she informs and shows the results in intervals.

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Two Ways To Plant & Grow Ginger. My family loves ginger and uses it many ways...cooking and colds. Ginger is sooo expensive in my area so I went out and just purchased a couple of pieces and now going to use the second method (soak then plant). I'm so excited!

grow ginger in a container: Growing ginger indoors is easy and low-maintenance — just buy three fresh ginger roots from the grocery store and plant them in a container that's about 14-inches wide by 12-inches deep. Only move the roots outside when the weather reaches about 50 degrees. Ginger takes about 10 months to reach maturity — you'll know when the plants reach two to four feet tall.

Did you know that you can actually grow ginger indoors? Being a tropical plant it does not tolerate frost, so unless you live in a warm, humid climate, it’s best to grow ginger in a pot indoors.

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