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For Frances and little man Tidal <3

Sons are a blessing and here are 10 quotes for mother's to express their love. We capture the love a mother feels for her son with the I love my son quotes.

My Son <3....

For my son -age 17 and my only child - in a few weeks will be leaving to college on the east coast (I am on the west coast)

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I will forever be grateful to my oldest son....he made me a mother, and my youngest son for making me a mom of two boys!!! The love I have for my boys can never be measured! There isn't anything or anyone that I would put before my boys....not even myself! They are my entire world!

Love my son than life itself. Love you Mark.Love my son❤️

I have no idea how to even begin to describe the love that I have for my baby girl, but this is a start :)

this is to my beautiful daughter Hannah. couldn't have said it better. she is my precious daughter, my fun fun friend, my rock many times, my role model most of all. I love you daughter.

Some parents should really keep reminding themselves of this right here

"Remember you are not managing an inconvenience. You are raising a human being." so many parents need to remember this!

To my son I believe God sent you into my life to give me something to fight for, to show that there is love in this world, bring me hope and to bring me joy. All the proof of God I need is in you. You are a gift from the heavens.

Little Boys- great quote!

"Little boys love cars and toys and trucks and dirt and noise. A mother's heart holds tender joys that comes from loving little boys.