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I am obsessed with this little guy, his name is pinocchio....omg

Pure RED BROWN Colour Short Leg Toy Poodle - Cheras

He is like my big brother(mom told me no way he was)

Such a cutie! ( looks almost exactly like our Luna)

"The Elite Ladies society meeting is right here!" #dogs #pets #Poodles

They match your ugly christmas sweater. Vintage poodles photo

My poodle looked exactly like this when I first got him in 2000! He's now 13 years strong and still fluffy. Poodles are a great breed to look into. They are top 4 smartest dog breeds in the world, and very friendly!

Just look into the eyes - love is pouring out. I will have a poodle again.

If I had a dog, this would be my dog. XD