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lol! i like the funny face pics more. he's still a babe, and not just cuz he's buff. but, the point stands, magazines are silly and vapid.

valentine cards tuxedo cats card collection

This made me laugh more than I should have!

Grampa Goes Straight To The Point

It starts out funny but then, when you really start thinking about it, it's terrifying. Seriously. I'm out there in the dating world. All my first dates happen in VERY public places and I take pepper spray with me, fucking pepper spray, why is that necessary? Oh right because I don't dare trust that the man I'm going out with has been taught that sexual assault is wrong.

Ed Roland of Collective Soul- Pleasure of meeting this man "Un-plugged" - for my brother...songbook autographed, sealed w love - special in every way

Hey, I'm meowing to you right now! Hey are you paying attention to what I'm meowing about?

I'm too old to drop it like its hot. I'm just gonna sit down like its warm. Bahahaha

because no one likes a disorganized pile of cats...

I'm sorry. Is this a boy with tattoos and a mohawk, riding a bicycle with a cat lovingly sitting on his shoulder? WHERE?