His parents, you and your husband, and your parents! PRECIOUS

3 generations :)

every girl deserves a pic like this <3

His Parents, Her Parents, And The Bride And Groom | Pinkous

Kissing the parents. They will be in the front row. I would like pics of us giving hugs and kisses to our parents.


Take a picture of the rings on a newspaper the day of the wedding. Wish I had thought about this!

bride and mother of the groom = must have picture

Wedding shoot idea!

or Write "thank you" instead and use for notes LOVE

Must do this...attaching photos of lost loved ones to your bouquet. such a great way to keep them close to you on the most important day of your life.

what a shot!

With only the bride and groom in color. Looks like a moment frozen in time...

The bride and groom with their parents wedding day photos

Love this wedding day photo of the kids and the bride an groom. Would be cute with the their cousins too!

i want a picture like this

Two photographers - one to get her entrance, and one to capture his reaction. Maybe someday... Every girl dreams of getting the reaction from her husband ♥

From bride's Perspective During the Vows and then would need grooms perspective too

Love his face seeing his bride

I want this with Danielle, just like my first day of kindergarten.

Old pictures of the bride and groom on the bathroom doors