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New Socks by Bob Shea N Storytime Kit #SweetBranch #SweetBranchSLCPL #libraries

What is Sequencing? Sequencing is the skill that we use when we break down an event into simple steps and put those steps in order. We need sequencing skills to talk about something that happened in the past in a logical manner so others can follow the story. We also need sequencing skills to understand how

"Map Your Travels" public library display - with a map on a corkboard and pins alongside a travel book display. Great for January - patrons can map where they've been in the previous year and where they are going in the coming year.

"What's the Scoop?" A student reporter watches the news during the week and brings 3 headlines on Friday to share with the class. EASY way to incorporate current events and public speaking in the classroom!

Kids Activity Coloring Book, Wedding, DIY Printable, Children's Games, Puzzles, Wedding Favors, Rustic, Stationary, Colouring, Maze, I Spy

Kids Activity Coloring Book Wedding DIY Printable by cookiesandry

Two young patrons pose for a picture at our Elephant, Piggie, and Pigeon, Oh My! event.

7 Indoor Snowball Activities (that don't require snow)

Kids begging to go outside and play in the snow, but you need a break? Check out these 7 Snowball Activities: all without real snow!

Recruiting Volunteers for Children's Ministry

Volunteer Training Events No Volunteer Can Resist

Training Events No Volunteer Can Resist - Children's Ministry

T.J. Maxx donates to organizations for fundraising purposes. Must be non-profit and operate in the communities that T.J. Maxx has a presence. Must provide direct assistance to under served children and families. Fundraising efforts must target programs that provide health and or social services that have a positive impact of the lives of children and families. Application guidelines and requirements: