My Cat tattoo

Kitty / Ear Tattoo

I would get an outline similar to this for my cousin who died of Leukemia. He wanted a pink cat and unfortunately neve got one. My family has begun a tradition of pink cat tattoos infor his memory <3


Too adorable not to share. Giraffe tattoo, A simple and cute reminder to always "Stand Tall."

Love cats

I know boys can have foot tattoos, but I have one and really love mine, and I’m a girl.


I love this necklace design! Perfect for any animal lover!

@Kate Hawkins this is totally for you!!! tattly cat tattoos

Little Cat Tattoo

i want a cat and a dog tattoo!! something simple... maybe a cat behind one ear and a dog behind the other?

Kitty Tattoo simple and cute! I love my jinxy cat :)

Soooo FUN

Pretty kitty tattoo...

Kitty.. makes me think about my mom <3