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Like / Dislike Stamp Set. Each Like/Dislike Stamp Set comes with two, self-inking stamps (that’s why we call it a set). Use the Like stamp for things you like and the Dislike stamps for things you don’t like.

62 Interesting Ways to use an iPad in the Classroom

62 Interesting Ways to use an iPad in the Classroom. (Too bad I got my iPad right after I finished school.

Morphing into a 21st Century Educator

Morphing into a 21st Century Teacher (updated)

'Morphing into a Century Teacher: 27 Ways to be a Better Century Educator' - inspiring info graphic by Mia MacMeekin, University Teacher/ Researcher in Massachusetts

If you want a toaster that not only works good, but looks good, you are in the right place. Enjoy these innovative and modern toaster designs

18 innovative and modern toaster designs

Make breakfast fun again with a toaster catapult/trebuchet! Set the angle, position your plate, and set the toaster. This toaster will launch that piece of toast out when it’s toasted. Unfortunately, this isn’t a real item, but a design idea

Gonna have to check this out!  $7.29! this would be perfect to have in your purse, for whenever you can't find an outlet and your phone is about to die, like shopping, etc.

This should be in every girls purse. A battery with a USB plug on it that fits in your purse for charging your phone when you aren't around any outlets for a long time (camping/beach/shopping etc)

10 fun ideas for marking the first day of school via www.thedailybuzz.com.au

10 fun ideas for marking the first day of school. My favorite from this collection: make a "first day of school" time capsule with notes and drawings about favorite things and your hopes for the coming year.

Přijde Vám směšné pustit si #FB až do koupelny?! ale upřímně neděláte to náhodou také?   De sociale medier smitter af på real life.

Funny pictures about Social Shower Curtain. Oh, and cool pics about Social Shower Curtain. Also, Social Shower Curtain photos.

Multiple Intelligences poster by Marek Bennett

POSTER: Multiple Intelligences in Comics Ed

A helpful representation of the multiple intelligence for all us visual-spatial learners. Seriously, this helps me as the Multiple Intelligences are always presented in WORDS and words can be hard to comprehend for everyone but the Linguistic learner.

"Synonym" Rolls

Synonym rolls: You pass out cinnamon roll shapes to your students. Then, on the spiral around the synonym roll, they write synonyms they could use to replace it.

Track your water intake with a digital water bottle! It tells you exactly how many cups you've had to drink today.

Your Water Coach. The HydraCoach water bottle calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks your consumption, paces you throughout the day and motivates you to stick to your goal.


I have never heard such an accurate description of a teacher's job. Teachers also do it for the salary of the doctor, lawyer, or dentist.

Most Popular Teaching Resources: TED Talks, FREE Worksheet to Use With ANY TED Talk...

TED Talks, FREE Worksheet to Use With ANY TED Talk, Public Speaking, Grades 6-12

FREE print-and-teach materials to use with ANY TED Talk. Works for EVERY subject area! I love Ted Talks! Some great talks for kids.