Deep Purple Hydrangeas/Shrub/Part Shade Note: To achieve this colour, soil pH should be between (United States National Arboretum)

lilac blooms by VORONA.BEL Reminds me of being a kid...the big lilac bush in the yard was my absolute favorite!

lilac blooms by VORONA.BEL Reminds me of being a kid…the big lilac bush in the yard was my absolute favorite!

Amazing color...

Great flowers to have for a prayer garden! Beautiful flowers to have! Hydrangea flowers are so pretty!

Lilacs by priyaswtc, via Flickr

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Lilacs .. Since we remodeled our current house, I have wanted to put lilacs in the front yard so I can smell the flowers from the porch:)

"Lilacs and Limestone" Jon's favorite short story that I wrote//Purple Lilacs.growing up we had some by the kitchen the window and it was heaven

loveliness in purple via Escape to a Happy Place...

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wisteria blossom

Wisteria is hardy and fast-growing and sometimes considered to be a an invasive species. Wisteria can be propagated by hard cuttings, soft cuttings or seeds. The flowers of some wisteria are edible and used to make wine, but other species are toxic.

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Lilac and weathered barn. Grew up with old barns and of Kansas' sweetest smells.

Gorgeous color

Hydrangeas always remind me of my mother. Hydrangeas - 75 species in the Hydrangea genus) are native to the Americas and the Himalaya, China, Korea, Japan and Indonesia.

so pretty

Browse photos of flower covered home facades, featuring climbing roses on houses, wisteria flowers in bloom, and more florals covering cottages and brightly colored doors. Domino shares flower covered homes in celebration of summer.