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Finishing Techniques for the Inside and Out

Start challenging yourself to add a new detail or finish to some of the garments you sew. Have fun learning new techniques while you expand your sewing toolkit, and at the same time learn to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind garments for your wardrobe. Here are a few ideas to get you jump started!

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Advanced Sewing Techniques: 5 Sewing Skills You Need to Have

5 Advanced Sewing Techniques Every Sewer Should Know

The Craftsy Blogfrom The Craftsy Blog

How to Make the Perfect Coat: Sewing Sleeves in Jackets

There is more to well sewn jacket sleeve than just the stitching. Learn about construction, trimming, headers & more to finish off your perfect sleeve.

Tailors pad stitch a jacket's lapel and undercollar to give them more firmness and to help them maintain their curvature. The line of stitching usually runs parallel the direction of the most important curve of the layers. For example, pad stitches in a suit's lapel run parallel to the lapel's roll line; pad stitches in the undercollar of a tailored jacket run parallel to the collar's back edge.

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Sleeve Plackets Made Simple

Sleeve Plackets Made Simple - Sew Daily - Blogs - Sew Daily *Dimensions of a placket