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  • Dawn Lanier

    6 Quick Tips for Pinterest, via fourplusanangel. Well written practical suggestions for using Pinterest. #Pinterest #tips #use

  • Dee Lane

    How to use Pintrest!

  • Robyn Arnold

    6 Quick Tips For Pinterest. Helpful tips to make your use of Pinterest more beneficial for you and others.

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Be a better Pinterest user and learn some Pinterest secrets along the way

I absolutely love this as a young, working woman! Anyone could use it, but it's certainly helpful to me now.

  • Julieta Reyes Flores

    Pretty sure they don't have this example for men, just a sign to state the obvious "men at work". LoL

Tipping Guide - Super helpful! Wish more Latin American people who live in/visit the US knew this.

Tips for Using Pinterest

how to use pinterest

  • Willa Dawne

    Thanks for this! To the folks who want to report other people's pins -- what's offensive to me might not be offensive to you (and vice versa) -- why be the censors & thought police? Worry about your own content and only follow people whose content you like. I'm sick of the more-puritan-than-thou attitude of some pinners... No porn, yeah that makes sense, but I've had pics of unclothed statues reported. For every person who thinks something is "offensive" there is someone who doesn't. Don't want me to start reporting people's offensive and girl-repressing Ward President quotes, I'm sure. But I certainly wouldn't want my kid reading them!!!

  • Jen Watson

    I use pinterest to search for new content, not just to manage my own bookmarks. it doesn't happen often, but there are some people who think uploading porn is totally fine. when I report those pins, they never disappear. I remember stumbling across one guy's page, which was like 100 pictures of naked women. I think it still exists today.

  • Jen Watson my 10 year old sister stumbled on that, and I've reported it several times but I guess it doesn't qualify as porn. neither does this? whatever.

  • Willa Dawne

    @ Jen -- I could do without the second one flipping us off, but, um, no, neither of them is porn. I don't see why butt cheeks would be considered porn. I've had over a dozen of my pics removed from pinterest, some of which were nude sculptures, some of which were pics of breast cancer survivors -- all of which I was told were pornographic. I'd have no problem with a 10 year old seeing the first pic you posted. The second is just rude.

  • Willa Dawne

    LOL -- of course, the judgement of "rude" is my opinion ... someone else probably thinks it's fine! :-)

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How to Pinterest! So many people ask how, and it would do us "veteren pinners" some good to reread the guidelines! :-)

  • Cherry Hart

    I understand #2 above, but I think it is good to pin both things that we like and things that we dislike, as long as we're doing it in a polite way. Knowing what we like AND what we dislike is a way of getting to know ourselves. There's an old saying: KNOW THYSELF.

Important Pinterest Tips You Need To Know! Blogging tips from Amy Locurto at

  • Robin Mundy

    Thank you for this post and pin. It's happened to me too, just because I got in hurry and didn't check the source.

  • Rikke V. Jakobsen

    Thank you for sharing. I'm new to Pinterest and did not think of this much before.

* Look at it as an organizational tool. * Focus on content. * Be link conscious. * Quality over quantity. * Be the original source. * This is a marathon, not a sprint. * Pin when you read. * "your Pinterest account is an extension of your brand." * But be more than your niche.

{Favorite Tip?} Holy cats, you ladies rock my world. I finally, just now, had a chance to reply to everyone's awesome comments & suggestions. My favorite tip? @Jennifer Flanders recommends simply "liking" items. Then after she's cruised around she reviews her likes (you can do this by hitting "likes" from the drop down under your name in the top right corner) and picks her favorite things to re-pin. I swear I learn something new every day! Are y'all liking the new landing page format as much as I am?!? Cheers!

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excellent advice for how to ask for what you want~ this would work at home as well as the work place

Simple Tricks that Make You Look Smart - well, I'm not sure how smart they will make you look, but there are some good tips in here :)