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My Gettysburg oration: A vision for journalism that can long endure

I was the keynote speaker for the Keystone Awards dinner in Gettysburg last night. Among other things, I talked about the evolution of journalism tools, from typewriters to Pinterest. This is a TI Silent 700, the first portable computer I used. Here's what I said:

NY Times job listings were filled with Keypunch Wanted columns back in the day.

First introduced by Hewlett-Packard as a “Personal Computer,” the HP 65 calculator allowed users to either buy programs on pre-programmed cards or write programs up to 100 lines long and record them on blank cards. The device featured user-definable keys and was the first HP pocket calculator with base conversions (octal and decimal). The calculator cost $795 when it launched in 1974. It became the first handheld calculator in space in 1975.

I'm happy to report that my kids understand this because we still have a car with "roll" windows!