lumberjack fuer Andre :)

If we ever get into baby clothes... love ALL of this

I wish my mom did this for me. File folders for K-12 to hold memorable school items and showcase that years school photo.

Where can I buy this awesomeness... or I might have a Tia who can crochet it for me!

hipster baby

If I ever have another baby boy, he WILL have this #T Shirt Collections #T Shirt Girls #T Shirt Fashion #TeeSpring|

I totally need this


This is too funny!

so sweet!

hah. no. i do not want my child growing up thinking there a pig. this is just a lead in to obesity.

I love this! If I knew how to crochet I'd totally have everyone kid I know sporting baby beards!

Beardo. - totally for Jordan



My heart melts!

This Is My Kegstand Shirt Funny Baby Onesie by ShopTheIttyBitty, $16.00 For the college baby that started with a keg stand



I’m going to do this. One day, when my child is all gown-up, they’re going to be looking through old photo albums and they’ll find one that’s just filled with pictures of them being forced to make silly faces while they were sleeping. And I will have no regrets.

Little spectacles.