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  • Denise Hunter

    So do I! :) #quotes #sayings #humour #funny #SesameStreet #Snuffleupagus #cute

  • Sheryl Roberts

    Snuffy!! (Of course, I come from a time before everyone knew Snuffy on Sesame Street. They thought he was Big Bird's imaginary friend!)

  • Frances

    Snuffy! He was my favorite Sesame Street Character

  • Shelley Stuber

    Snuffy!! This made me smile....

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remember when they didn't all think he was real? That was the best part about Sesame Street

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oh my, i laughed so hard!

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i keep telling myself this around all of the beautiful, ripped people i crossfit with. i will get there someday! i am faster than when i started and i have never quit. just keeping my eye on the prize!

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Remember back in the "day" when no one could see Snuffy except for Big Bird? I loved him more then :)

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Snuffy is party rockin' Kalli Sandberg Harris all i can think of is when we went to cassi's recital and then got frozen yogurt. and tom. oh tom. lol. oh and that AMAZING dance party after!