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  • NYC Metro Fandom

    Sesame Street. For more cool memes, cool stuff, and utter nonsense visit

  • Shaana Nicole

    When I was little, everyone on Sesame Street thought Snuffy was Big Bird's imaginary friend:)

  • Kimmy Davison

    Remember when Sesame Street used to make Big Bird think he was going crazy by making Snuffleupagus an imaginary friend that only he could see? Good times.

  • Sarah Neal

    I LOVED Mr. Snuffleupagus. Watched every episode possible of Sesame Street hoping he would make an appearance and prove that Big Bird wasn't making things up!

  • kris zargari

    So do I! :) #quotes #sayings #humour #funny #SesameStreet #Snuffleupagus #cute

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remember when they didn't all think he was real? That was the best part about Sesame Street

  • Andrea Murley-Anderson

    The saddest partr is why they made him real. There was a campaign for child abuse where the idea behind it was if you tell, adults will believe you. But everytime Big Bird insisted Snuffy was real, no-one believed him. So they made Snuffy visible to everyone.

  • K§L§M's

    I didn't know that! :'(

  • Renee Gaines

    Right in the feels;(

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Ohmygosh...I know they're focusing on him but she looks just as bad! I'll never understand.

This general sentiment, yes. I have literally run AND skipped (at once, it was not graceful) on more than one occasion at Disneyland.

  • Bonnie Ratliff

    Exactly. So now you know I won't break up with you.

  • Yara

    Great. Now I can go to bed, without worrying that we're not okay. (Oh, and I don't think B wants our passes to expire, but I won't be sure until like the day before they expire)

  • Alyssa Donaldson

    That is me until I got in to trouble. You don't want to know what happened when I went to Magic Kingdom. Lets just say was off alone too long and almost missed dinner. Dad was not happy. Take that as a lesson learned the hard way. Never do it.

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