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Chibi - Diabolik Lovers ~ DarksideAnime

Diabolik Lovers... I cant say that i entirely loved this anime but i rlly liked it ... i rlly like ayato and shuu. They are my favorites. I also like the other guys too, they are very entertaining at times... I liked how creepy and sadistic they are. i found them very alluring....Guess that says alot about me(laughs awkwardly)

Diabolik Lovers (anime)

Diabolik Lovers- Ayato, Laito, Kanato, Shu, Reiji, Subaru.. And the one and only Yui :D

La Famille Sakamaki : Ma Deuxième Famille - 9

#wattpad #fanfiction Alexandra est la seule fille de Dracula, sa mère est morte quand elle avait 2 ans. Son père va l'envoyer chez la famille Sakamaki pour qu'elle trouve son futur mari. Qu'elle vampire va telle choisir ?

ADOPTED This is Levi. He's 17, and he's kinda serious. He can know how to have fun, from time to time. He's more mature than average, for his age. Hasn't really caused any trouble, and can be productive when he pleases. Adopt?