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This girl right here is why I will never ever be satisfied with my hair. [sigh]

Disney Real life Pocahontas - via - Abigail Phillips Regan Truax://

slightly more believable renderings of the Disney princesses - I still would never be able to get my hair to look this good ever!


Side-by-side of the real-life voice actresses and the Disney princesses they brought to life. Didn't realise that the actor who did Mulan is also Agent May from SHEILD!

Yes I know it's fanart. Most of what I post is fanart. Awesome fanart. LIKE THIS WHICH IS AWESOME. ♥ ♥ ♥

I really, really want this to be my job. being a Disney princess at Disneyland = on my bucket list. But I can never do it):

Intense performance…

Charlotte- The Disney Southern Belle and the character I would say I'm most often compared to (A mixture of Snow White, Charlotte, and Alice in Wonderland)

Hey all my photog friends out there! I want to do a photoshoot thats nothing but Disney characters!

Ok I really did like the music when I was a kid, but this was too funny not to pin.