• Noel Craft

    For morgan & haley. My two bestfriends. I know i might spend more time with the other sometimes but i try to spread myself out as bes as i can. I love you both more than you two could ever imagine... yall each know me and how i work and while the other might get me better in some aspects than the other, yall are each special and dear to my heart. I know i might gettimg agitating at times, but yall are the two i know i can be that way with and yall will still love me. I love you my beautiful blonde bombshells, yall make my life complete even if yall dont always see it. I would trade yall for the world. I love you morgan abigail. I love you Haley catherine.

  • Kristi Teeters

    Best friend quote never fails. @Katy Warner Dardis @Kristi Teeters @Jenn Kile @Jen Brockman-Shook @Megan Gibbons @Traci N I love you ladies!! You are my soulmates!!

  • Brittany Marston

    My husband is my best friend, my lover, and my soul mate! I love that i could always be myself when i am with him. I never had to alter my life to fit into his! Ever since the day i met him my world has been nothing but butterflies. No one ever compared. He was my one true love!

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