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Why are people so idiotic? People would rather plant trees if they gave off Wifi signals than if they provide oxygen for us, absorb carbon dioxide, stop polar ice caps from melting, save polar bears from dying, and stop Global Warming!!!!!!!!!!

Keep a Green Tree in Your Heart and Perhaps a Song Bird Will Land Upon It. Wooden Canvas Art. The quote is painted on sustainably harvested red oak wood boards.

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Found on Pinterest search engine. Wendell Berry, 2012, Applegate. This quote is simple yet it helps remind us that we all stand on the earth and we all benefit from its presence. It can be used as a direct quote in my speech, used to enforce the idea that the task of caring for the planet is the responsibility of each and every human being.


Green Is The New Black. Mint Green Typographic Print. Go Green Art. Earth Day. Save The Planet. Enviromental Recycling Art. Start Recycling Now! https://recyclix.com

please read this! #climatechange @Betsy Buttram Rosenberg with Betsy Rosenburg every Wednesday on Progressive Radio Network.

Always a Great Idea = Plant a Tree. . . And Then Keep Calm and Help Save Our Planet <3

Inspirational quote - be who you are, not who the world wants you to be.


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If you don't build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs. #smallbusiness #entrepreneur

Save the Earth while we still have one.


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