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NobleKnits Knitting Blog: Knitted Jewelry - Our Favorite Knitting Trend!

hehehehe!! what i look like in December when i furiously knit xmas presents!

What I think I look like while knitting…

Etherial Shawl Free Knitting Pattern - NobleKnits Knitting Blog. Super easy but perfect everyday wrap

I knit (Can by bought as a t-shirt or sweatshirt here: www.captainleisur...)

The Knitting Girl = so adorable! Kristin Zita

Love the idea of a ball of yarn with needles as a duplicate stitch/intarsia chart...

Wee Chrissie Cheyne, three years old, seated with her serious knitting and wearing a knitting belt, pauses to pet a cat. Shot by photographer J. Peterson in Walls Parish, Shetland Islands,some time during WWII. Same girl and kitty shown in

Bohdan Šantrůček, Znojmo - Vintage Knitting Lady

Knitting tattoo....there's gotta be a joke about needles here... 8-)

Knitting pretty with yarn dyed with Easter egg dyes.