Cosa può diventare l'amicizia quando si rispettano le differenze... Questa e le altre foto di animali le trovi sui nostri quaderni Animal Friends - in vendita su #quaderni #Animali #Idee #Regalo #Animal #Friends #Vendita

What a great photo! #Clydesdale #Budweiser #horse


Horse and kitty friend

Just taking my horse for a walk. I wish Floyd was this smart

Horse pic


Do you ever get the feeling that we riders are just getting in the way? Yep, that's a real photo of a real horse jumping. Looks like he's flying!

My bestest friend!

So sweet! Mutual curiosity ... :)

War Horses. Highly trained, and against all their instincts these horses will lay still during a battle. An example of incredible trust and bond between man and animal.

Furry friends Forever. My doggie would lick a horse if she knew one

Horse in the Wind

making friends...


A girl's best friend


Horse / Cholito - beautiful photo by Jaasmin Grossniklaus...

Love the close up angle of the horse