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Doctor who quotes

Doctor Who Quotes “Doctor Who Quotes” by Tom Trager. Over 15 Doctor Who quotes on one shirt. My favorite quote is 'Are you my mummy?

Sass masters

Unless you've been living under a rock on planet Gallifrey, then you're well aware that Saturday marks the return of Doctor Who. So, without further ado, Paste presents 130 Doctor Who-themed memes and GIFs for the occasion.

Funny pictures about It's just an apple a day. Oh, and cool pics about It's just an apple a day. Also, It's just an apple a day.

This is me with my bedroom 100%.

I wear your granddad's clothes now. Granddad's clothes are cool.

Harry Potter and Doctor Who actors

People who were in both Dr. Who and Harry Potter // KYAAAA! I did NOT know that Madame Hooch played Cassandra!


I'm not sure if this is real. that is pretty awesome! The Doctor went to the royal wedding!>> it would be cool but these are 2 badly photoshopped pictures

Phinese and Ferb meets Dr. Who

Phineas and Ferb, Doctor Who Hahaha! Love that Perry is trapped in a Cyberman helmet whovian-fandom

Doctor Who/Harry Potter

No because They had the bigger on the inside technology in the book which was before they knew about David Tennant playing Barty Crouch jr

Before The Doctor by life was SO broing, now it's wibbly-wobbly spacey wacey, and I enjoy every second of every single day with ridiculous happiness for no apparent reason. It helped me enjoy my craziness.

I Was so Lost Before Who

I Was so Lost Before Who. Most accurate gif ever!