lazy days of summer

Turn your old trampoline into an old bed swing!

hanging beach hammock bed This is my ultimate fantasy bedroom - to sleep in the open like this. I wish we'd had something like this while on Kwaj.

How to Build Swings Around a Campfire , 2013-12-24.

Benches on a porch could be that awesome

porch swing, love the rope to disguise the chain

Love this back porch!!

outdoor floating bed

Re-purposed trampoline becomes a hanging teepee bed.

Swinging Chair. Mandi's chair lol

A Canopied Swing Bed | 32 Outrageously Fun Things You'll Want In Your Backyard This Summer

Porch Swing Bed

Pallet Furniture ..... MANY ideas here/1

Friends You have Smart communicate in keep you update . . . . You have ...Smart TV......... to watch what you want . . . . . . . . . .. . . ..its time for. Smart Homes to live how you want.......must read .......wood frame of couch hanging from arbor

My future children will have a tire swing:)

Perfect for rainy days too. This might be the coolest swing ever

Lazy River in the Backyard, can you imagine?

Front Porches <3

Ovis Hanging #chair Leibal

year round sunroom