lazy days of summer

Turn your old trampoline into an old bed swing!

hanging beach hammock bed This is my ultimate fantasy bedroom - to sleep in the open like this. I wish we'd had something like this while on Kwaj.

porch swing, love the rope to disguise the chain

A Canopied Swing Bed | 32 Outrageously Fun Things You'll Want In Your Backyard This Summer

Individual Porch Swings!

My future children will have a tire swing:)

Maybe one of these days, I will live in a loft in a city and this will be my bedroom!

Tree swing for the garden If I only had a tree big enough to hang it on.

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porch swing, want this!

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buy the wood from home depot, use the screws to hook the chains with and make it the size of a twin size an old twin size mattress from goodwill cover it in plastic then in outdoor fabric to make a cool swing for the covered patio....whoop whoop


Love this back porch, especially the ceiling!

Screened in sleeping porch. How amazing would that feel on a lazy summer afternoon, or rainy day?

It's like a baby swing for adults. I want one. It would be perfect to read in:)

lounge bed

30 Impossibly Cozy Places You Could Die Happy In <-- this porch swing. I need it.

Screened in porch with a deck up top.. Love.

These will hang from my porch on my home on the coast of southern Cali when I retire. :) Dream big.