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Bubbles in a Bubble

Explosion of Colour

bubbles...when the girls were young we must have blown a billion bubbles.... How we loved bubbles!!!!

Jon Clay - Google+

When a Bubble begins to burst. Put camera on tripod, do this at a sunset so bubbles are well lit, and set shutter speed high

Rose champagne - infinite bubbles - If you use it fav it or leave a comment please by Gaetan Lee, via Flickr

Bubbles can make you smile. Connect to the fun parts of childhood.

Heart bubbles would be awesome at wedding or wedding shower, engagement party, anniversary, ect.

Prop bubbles :) Pretty colors! Big brother blows bubbles for littles during shoot

Memories of past days

I have this new infatuation with soap bubbles. Is that strange? I think i would blow bubbles all day from this bottles of bubble liquid if i could afford one (oh my adorable little teenage fund) (*´∇`*)

Rainbow Bubble








the beauty of bubbles :)


Amazing! You can see the tree in the bubble.

The mother of all bubble wands!

Absolutely adorable! Elephant bubble bath