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    На Венере нашли скорпиона: космическая тайна открылась спустя 30 лет Широкой публике об открытии стало известно только теперь 28 сентября 2015 в 20:01

    Vibrant Gaseous Ribbons: The Veil Supernova Remnant

    A lesson in perspective…

    Human Body Ingredients via imaginaryfoundation: 'The average human has approximately 100 trillion cells and each cell is made of approximately 100 trillion atoms, each of which were originally created in the center of a star...' Here it is by mass: chemistry.about.c... #Infographic #Science #Human_Body #Chemical_Composition

    Are we living ‘underwater’? Researchers believe the universe might be a ‘liquid superfluid’ In our current models quantum mechanics can explain all the forces of the universe - except gravity

    Urgent ALERT ! Massive Object Invisible With Shields Moves Through The Solar System

    MERIDIANOS: Cronología del universo [video infografía]

    Laniakea Supercluster

    Lichtenberg B

    Mars Forest Life Bio-Diversity-6


    Venus possibly habitable for billions of years

    Extremely Large UFO Beside The Sun 7-20-14 IW News

    Alien Figure Found On Google Mars Map, August 16, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

    Dyson Spheres: How Advanced Alien Civilizations Would Conquer the Galaxy

    VIDEO: Descubren silueta alienígena caminando sobre la Luna

    ESA photo from Mars

    Небесный город, плывущий в космосе - Celestial city, floating in space

    A team of scientists will unveil what they bill as a 'major discovery' in the field of astrophysics on Monday (March 17) in a presentation at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA).

    Timeline for the Evolution of Solar Systems

    Free-Air Gravity Map of the Moon

    Fenômeno Astrofísico: estrela Eta Carinae está prestes a se apagar

    Next Generation Telescopes Take Us Closer to Finding Alien Life Every day we find more exoplanets. With bigger and better telescopes on the horizon, we'll have far more observations of these planets than ever before — and NASA scientists are optimistic we'll discover alien life within decades."

    The new geologic map of Mars is beautifully detailed & revealing - It took 16 years & data from 4 orbiting spacecraft to assemble, but the U.S. Geological Survey’s new map of Mars is awesome. In beautiful color & excellent detail, the map shows the geology of the Red Planet’s surface today, & reveals a new understanding of its past.

    A "string of pearls" are superclusters of blazing blue-white newly born stars.