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Top 5 Reasons We Might Live in a Multiverse | Hidden Universes |

"Cuando nos demos cuenta que todos tenemos el mismo poder y que cada uno hace su camino, a su manera y con su tiempo, no nos será necesario compararnos con los otros o intentar ser de otro modo del que somos". Annie Marquier

We are stardust. Literally....The average human has approximately 100 trillion cells and each cell is made of approximately 100 trillion atoms, each of which were originally created in the center of a star.

Artist rendering of Space Elevator. (Image courtesy of Japan Space Elevator Association.)


If great scientists had logos…

If great scientists had logos.


Macro of a Human Eye

I find this photo pretty amazing because it is of a human eye but is that close up and detailed that is unrecognisable. Each section of colour looks like tiny threads of colours as if sewn together. It makes the human body seem a little more amazing.