Glass beads in a square vase to hold makeup brushes. Great idea!

Glass beads in a square vase to hold makeup brushes. or paint brushes for a artist, used diff colours of glass beads!

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Coffee bean make up brush holder - it also doubles as a coffee bean room air freshener. I nice little wake me up! You could also use things like dried beans, marbles, rice, or mini crystals.

Mantenha seus pincéis limpos com uma solução de vinagre e água quente.

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Tutorial on how to properly clean your makeup brushes. (T of white vinegar in a cup of hot water, 20 minute soak; hot then cold rinse and pat dry.) Disinfects, dissolves grease/makeup, leaves no film, and inexpensive.

Use marbles or decorative stones....I'm tired of losing my brushes in the drawer!

- could do it with coffee beans! it would make your room smell delicious. I like this idea for make up brushes, paint brushes and art pencils, or crochet hooks. easy access SHELLS in FL

Makeup brush holder// Trying to get decor inspiration for my new vanity!

make-up brush holder. I love the idea of little beads in the bottom to hold up the brushes. Could be used for other things, too.

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Makeup Ideas: 30 Insanely Cool Makeup Organizers From Pinteres – Page 66 of 70 – BuzzMakeUp Makeup Ideas & Inspiration Doing this tonight! Ready to get my make up brushes organized!

DIY Dollar Store Makeup Brush Holder I so need one of these for my chunky handled brushes! - Diy Home Decor Dollar Store

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Color Code Your Keys. Could be a quick an easy craft on the days we need something quick -- could have people know before hand to bring their keys if they wanted. but then again people might not want to color code their keys?