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"Accurate. #DoctorWho" << BWAHAHAHA!!!! What's sad is that it is true

Doctor Who quote battle. Hilarious @Sarah Chintomby

This shouldn't be funny. In the episode, it wasn't funny at all. He was scared- oh, definitely scared- and his first thought was of Rose. But it is. This is funny.<<<The way you type.... Are you the Doctor?!? OuO

know this makes me a horrible person cause I loe rose just as much as the doctor but that face made me laugh soooooooooo hard!XD but BRING ROSE BACK!!! and gie that back to the doctor! he need it to be able to breath! get your hands of that DONNA!!!

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The 35 Greatest Easter Eggs From The "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary

Oh how I love 10 and 11 together! (Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor)

"Maybe he's the reverse of 11. He acts all dark and spooky, but he's really just a kid." :)