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Better - Story of Stuff: 'In a World with Too Much Stuff, Solutions Are Everywhere'

700 Marine Species Might Go Extinct Because of Plastic Pollution. Here Are 5 Ways You Can Help!

There are an estimated 270,000 tons of plastic floating on the surface of the ocean and according to a new study authored by researchers at Plymouth University found, a staggering 700 different marine species are threatened by its presence. </p>

50 Simple Ways to Cut Carbon - Earth Guardians - We've been recognized publicly for this comprehensive yet accessible little list. Pretty soon we'll be launching a campaign that incentivizes folks to collectively commit to taking on one of these items for a week straight. Our goal is to track the carbon our global tribe is cutting. Meanwhile, scope out the list and get a head start on your carbon-cutting practice ;)

Activist fuels his bike tour with dumpster food to call attention to Food Waste Fiascos

Activist fuels his bike tour with dumpster food to call attention to Food Waste Fiascos According to Greenfield's website, "1 in 7 Americans don’t have the food they need yet we are throwing away enough food to feed every hungry American five times over!"

Sustainable Fitness Gear Mother Nature Would Approve Of

“I knew about climate change, but I thought it was a distant problem; not something that was going to affect me, and certainly not any time soon…”

Why Buy From Us? They have a nice selection of items, but like everything else, it makes sense to do research before hand before you shop. For example, there are a lot of bamboo items sold on this site, but bamboo is not as sustainable as it could be (lots of chemicals involved, clear-cutting of ecologically diverse forests to make space for growing the bamboo, and human rights issues with the factories). That being said, again, EXCELLENT selection.

The Disturbing Environmental and Health Impact of Pouring Personal Care Products Down the Drain

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