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How To Build A Tee-Pee Trellis - “The trellis I built three years ago is still standing today. The bamboo poles have shifted out of line a bit, they aren’t perfectly straight anymore and some of them have small splits or cracks at the bottom, but nothing that would cause me to want or need to replace them... |

We like the mix-and-match possibilities of miniature hanging gardens from Botany Folk: Above: Shallow terra cotta planters and dishes hang from rope to create a wall garden—or a window blind. Their narrow profile (planters are only

-Do not use fresh poop (risk of E.Coli. and could burn plants)-Let it sit in a pile mixed with stray and dry out for six months before putting veggie garden-add to compost. Once it's ready, add it to the soil 120 days before planting-so in the fall, early winter. -Chicken Manure is best (contains most nitrogen) -Horse Manure is second best (not great on Tomatoes or peppers though) Corn, potatoes and Lettuce like it. -Cow Manure is actually the least beneficial. (but least likely to burn…

I want this so bad! Aquaponic system recycles water through a vertical garden with a fish pond at the bottom, you can eat what you grow and the fish too! completely self contained and sustainable style of gardening