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Spending what's left of my night sobbing after seeing MinMin Seok here looking more like a man as an infant than he does today ha ha

OMG hahaha Kris and baby Kris have the same expression ///// lol some things never change

like a true maknae XD

Like a real Maknea xD

And by that I mean, "DEAR GOD, I don't even know how to thank You for giving me such an unbelievably adorable husband." x''''''''''D My baby panda Zitao.

Tao baby! Ah~! Your noona loves you!

(Doing this early) Happy birthday to former EXO's Tao or Z.Tao Birthday: May 1993 American age: 23 International

Maltese puppy cut

Shaggy or Supermodel: The Maltese Is One Breed With Two Very Different Looks

Shaggy or Supermodel: The Maltese Is One Breed With Two Very Different Looks - American Kennel Club

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So cute.. 0^0 - aww you can tell how much Tao looks up to Kris and how much affection Kris has for Tao. I hope sometime in the future Kris and all of Exo just hang out since you can tell all of Exo miss him very dearly. They lost a brother from the group, so they would obviously be heart broken. Sometimes, I really hate the world of kpop and its mostreatment to idols.

Aww~ Taozi~~ youre so sweet praising your duizhang~ keke~ and there is a hint that Tao loves Kris~~ keke yesh~ TaoRis is real~~

Zitao being surprised by Chanyeol's backhug, my god his reaction is perfect. (GIF)

Zitao being surprised by Chanyeol's backhug.XD Tao, why do you react like a girl?

This is only one of the "happy fun times with Exo" that I love! ;A; they're so cute and funny ;v; Nico does a great job with them! #squishable #cutengeeky (ps. click the image to see the gif!)

exo tao my drawing Chen exo fanart happy fun times with exo

i found this moment so cute Chen Tao>> waa such cuties!! Tao singing and chen touching his chin with affection!!

I found this Moment so cute Chen Tao >> waa such cuties ! Tao singing and Chen touching his chin with affection !

Akira x Ryu

Akira x Ryu