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'MERICA!!!!! i didnt laugh untill i read the previous comment that said "Merica" hahaha

Sorry math teacher friends - but this IS funny! Just when you get everyone used to numbers, suddenly an entire math equation is made up of nothing but letters! LOL I love algebra but this is funny.!



Never taking math again for the rest of my high school career! That's probably a mistake...but good for my brain!




The Huffington Postfrom The Huffington Post

15 Brutally Honest Cards For Couples With A Sense Of Humor

OMG, so true for my hubby & me. Do we count the first year in which we dated others? When we got serious? Depends on the point I'm trying to make, usually.


Creepy Whispers

The awkward kid inside of me is rejoicing and trying to create a musical from silence of the lambs. Got a great number for it puts the lotion in the basket..........and junk