remember the MASH episode where Hawkeye is in the row boat with no arms and the water is filled w/arms and they are clanking up against the boat. That is what this images reminds me of!

Ahoy!.. The weekend <3


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Lake Michigan, Chicago by Daniel Seung Lee // This photo reminds me of two girls that I know and @Elizabeth Hinker is one of them.

Tubing the Republican! The James River in Virginia is also on our bucket list for a float trip with Roney's!

(C) photo by Cass Bird

...wild swimming... with the great sky above... sounds of nature... birds singing, wind in the wild grasses... it is good for her soul and wild nature... in my bundle of most loved things to do... <3

Peaceful moment.

don't get me wrong, this photo is AMAZING!! a feeling of total freedom kinda, BUT being terrified of heights SHE"S NUTS to lay on the edge like that, LOL :)


Chasing the horizon. #AdventureTime @Kiwi Collection

the boats point is clearer than the rest because its like having a prestige from the boat and showing things that can be seen from the boat.


#spiritsays: Hey Sleeping Beauty, don't wait for his kiss to wake up and smell the roses. Start the marathon without him and let him catch you. (image: Mike Bailey Gates)

Slim Aarons. Amalfi Coast.


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