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Melted Clock, from Salvador Dali This clock artwork by Salvador Dali was displayed at the sidewalk of Orchard Boulevard in Singapore.

Urban Sculpture in Monte-Carlo, watches inspired by surrealist artist Salvador Dalí.

The melting time, Monte-Carlo, per Salvador Dali The Persistence of Memory

Cool Bronze Finish Melted Desk Clock Table Mantel Dali

Made of cold cast resin, this awesome battery powered table or mantel clock is reminiscent of Salvador Dali& famous painting, The Persistence Of Memory. The clock looks as though it has melted, yet still tells great time.

Perfect for a garden, time always stands still in a good garden.

How to Make a Salvador Dali Clock. Here's a great way to recycle old records that you don't necessarily want to keep anymore but wouldn't mind having on display as a fun reminder of things once loved. Imagine a Salvador Dali style clock in.

How will we ever be on time to the party using Mr. Dali's watch?  by PragmaticEffects on Etsy

alice in wonderlan OMG this same clock was in the beach condo we stayed at and we called it the melting clock!

Time ....

Time ....


PRINT: Clock Face "Time" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page~Kristy Patterson of Flying Shoes

Stillness of Time/Salvador Dali

Dali's "Stillness of Time"- “Stillness of Time“, created in depicts a gold-rimmed clock with a rather fluid appearance. interestingly it looks as though the clock also has tree roots and a couple of bare branches.

Dali clock, South Bank, London

Dalí statue in London.I wish I would have seen this when I was in London.

Acute awareness of passing time

I used to love looking at art work done by surrealist artists such as Dali!

Salvador Dali Playing Cards: Ace of Diamonds, King of Diamonds, Queen of Diamonds and Jack of Diamonds Original

ArtFair: Fine Art Sales: Salvador Dali Art For Sale: Playing Cards: Ace of Diamonds, King of Diamonds, Queen of Diamonds and Jack of Diamonds (Original)

DIY Giant Tower Wall Clock

DIY Giant Tower Wall Clock

Everett Maroon shares an excerpt from his upcoming YA novel, "The Unintentional Time Traveler" >>> "I lost all sense of the room, the wires, the cold putty. In a flash of painful light I was on a hillside, in mid-step, running up a dirt trail, holding something in my hand... Something felt wrong with how I was running, too, as if the effort it normally took to lift my feet had been recalibrated."

Alice in wonderland style clock. I need one in every room in our house!